Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn is the owner and founder of Lifeofanit-girl fashion and lifestyle luxury magazine based in Zurich Switzerland. The focus is mainly on watches, jewelry, fashion, accessories, new talents, beauty, personal style blog and lifestyle.

Lifeofanit-girl was born as a fashion and lifestyle blog and extended to become an online magazine platform with high quality. The luxury magazine is still with the same name as the blog used to be, because it is important that the readers are always informed about the latest trends in the world of fashion and lifestyle. The luxury magazine stands for people that feel passionate about luxury goods and high quality products.

For the lifeofanit-girl readers Lifestyle is not just an etiquette, it is an expression of human and cultural values.

As an international oriented luxury magazine the owner and founder Crystal Renn is always on the look for new talents in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The online luxury magazine offers advertiser an innovative and global presentation platform, that gives them the opportunity to present their products. The owner and founder Crystal Renn does a pre- selection of who is going to be selected on the online luxury magazine.