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Foot Care Tips

Your feet are on display this time of year, so it’s time to pampering them. All eyes will be looking at your feet so avoid and prevent dry/cracked feet, one of the horrible nightmares to many people nowadays. We know and we understand it's hard to keep them looking their best when the weather's warm: High exposure to the sun, heat, sand, salty water as like pool water can leave your feet dry and rough. Here you will find some easy ways to “knock out” these elements and maintain your feet sexy, softer and amazing, like if you were coming out from your pedicure session. Your feet will be happy and the dry and cracked issues will vanish.
By: Joaninha Aguiar

Let Toes Breathe
Remember that from time to time your nails they need a break to "breathe" so they can continue healthy growth patterns and rid themselves of chemical residue and keep your pedicure looking pretty. Avoid using nail polish one time per month to prevent that unaesthetic yellow nail coloration, your toenails will thank you later.
Exfoliate At Least Once A Week
Soften your feet skin with a scrub is the best thing to remove rid or scales. Is always a really good idea to keep a Pumice Stone in Your Shower and while scrubbing just make sure to apply less pressure to soft skin and more to callouses when giving your feet a scrub-down.
Do Some Heavy-Duty Moisturizing
You are a very active and social woman, high heels and sports make your feet even more sensitive. They represent two of the most often used parts of the body, with all the walking and running that you do every single day. Is really big the relevance of moisturizing continually your feet and toenails to maintain them in tip-top condition.
Don't Forget to Apply Sunscreen
Get your feet safe from sun burns by lather them up with sunscreen from head to toe-literally-to protect your skin from the sun.







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