Parfumeur en Provence

Since 1976, the fragrance creations by L'Occitane are directly inspired by the fragrant Provence landscapes. The principle of simplicity is since the beginning a basic element.
Two geniuses came together to create a new fragrance collection and the pastry konditor Pierre Hermé was inspired of macaroons, which shows his passion for pastry.
Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'occitane, asked his friend the pastry chef Pierre Hermé,to create freely according to his ideas, a collection for L'occitane.
The result of the collection is marked by passion of expressive and diverse scents. It is a tribute to the Mediterranean landscapes of the charming island of Corsica, who both men love so much.

"You create flavors and fragrances, I create shapes and colors"- Olivier Baussan
"I firmly believe in the power of encounters" -Olivier Baussan

The beginning of the story

At the age of 23, Olivier Baussan didn't have much as now. At the time he had a literary degree, an old still and a small van.He had a good knowledge about plants, so he worked at home in Haute-Provence manufacturing shampoos with essential oils and he sold them on the local market.
The brand L'OCCITANE was founded in 1976 and aferwards he had the first laboratories, formulas and signature bottles.Three years lather he had the first shop.

"If I could keep just one childhood memory,it would be the immense liberty that I felt in Provence:one that is profoundly rooted in its natural environment and one that I associate with its landscapes"- Olivier Baussan


Pierre Hermé's career began when he was 14 years old as an apprentice to Gaston Lenôtre. He is the heir to four generationsof Alsatian bakery and pastry-making tradition.
Vouge named him:"The Picasso of Pastry"and he is well known around the world.The details of pastry-making are very important for him, because he takes care regarding the taste and modernity. In the pastry world of Pierre Hérme you will find different unique tastes,sensations and pleasures. As a perfectionist he is always revising his own work, exploring new taste territories and revisiting his own recipes.

"Being curious, like in a library, I record in my memory, every taste, every flavour that I discover."
- Pierre Hermé

The scent of the collection is very floral and absolutely feminine, the fragrance of pastry chef Pierre Hermé balances the white notes of gardens at dawn with the gold of a flower that still flourishes throughout the Corsican maquis. Sparkling head notes bring an unexpected sensation. In one deep breath, Lemon and Petit grain tantalize the palate as they come into contact with Pink Pepper and offer up and gives you the feeling  of fresh air. The exhilarating heart of this bouquet blends the floral note of Jasmine and the softness of Orange Blossom with the wild, honeyed and aromatic scents of an armful of Immortelle from Corsica. The fragrance captures the scent of the Island of Beauty, swept up in woody and musky notes.

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Body Lotion

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Hand Cream

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Toilet Water

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Shower Gel

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Lip Gloss

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Powder

Jasmin Imortelle Néroli Soap

The fruity sensation and the effervescent notes of Mandarin Orange are the perfect combiantion for the MEL MANDARINE collection. But then it surprises you with the intertwined hints of honey, evoking the festive season, Spun Sugar and Almond.
At the heart of this scent, the character of Immortelle awakens the warm note of authentic Beeswax, giving it almost caramelized undertones. Combined with balsamic facets of Benzoin and almondy facets of Tonka Absolute, it reveals all the depths of its honeyed heart.

Miel Mandarine Crème Mains

Miel Mandarine Lip Balm

 Pierre Hermé placed the Grapefruit at the heart of a creation, because he wants to celebrate all its facets. It

includes the slightly bitter, white inner skin – its character underlined by the green and crisp aromas of Rhubarb. This beautifully balanced note is soon ruffled at its heart by sensual, piquant spices. The original composition, woody notes of Cedar conjure up the sensation of mischievous Grapefruit cutting through the tartness of Rhubarb stalks.

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Hand Cream

Pamplemousse rhubarbe Toilet Water

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Shower Gel

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Lip Balm

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Soap

 At the end of October 2015 the products are available in a limited edition in all retail locations.

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