The moment you have all been waiting for..
Finally the L'oréal Infaillible Total Cover Foundation and Infaillible Total Cover Palette are availible in the Swiss market.

Total Cover promises a full coverage, longwear foundation that is not only matte, but completely weightless.

Total Cover Concealer Palette ( Full Coverage Longwear Concealer Palette)

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This is a very special and useful product to get a flawless base. It is a very elegant palette that offers five concealers and two correctors. We all have issues with our skin like: Acne, scars, blemishes, pigmentation, pimpels and dark circles. You can correct and hide your imperfections with this palette. The only thing missing is a good brush, which is always a helpful tool.

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On the back of the palette there is a helpful instruction to understand how to use it correctly and in which spots. A lot of you are perhaps wondering what the difference is between a regular concealer and a corrector. A regular concealer can be the same color as your skin tone. You can apply it on top of your foundation on any imperfection and than apply some powder, so that it looks even. You can also use some shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight your face and to get more of a sculpted look.
The corrector have more of a brighter color that you can use under your foundation. These bright colors are useful to correct and cancel out another color that appears as discoloration, pigmentation on the skin.

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The color wheel helps to understand which bright color cancels which color out. It is always the opposite shade that will be covered thanks to a specific bright color.
Green for example has red as the opposite color, which means that the green corrector will correct any redness on your skin.
Green: Covers redness, blemishes, acne, sun burn or any other sort of irritation
Lilac will correct any ashines. Usually this happens when you have lack of sleep, so you feel really tired. Mostly our skin looks really pale ,so lilac to brighten our skin.
Lilac: For dull skin, veins, undereyes, brightens
The peach corrector is definitely the most popular one and the most used one, because you can apply it under your eyes, where we have dark circles. It cancels out any blue shades and dark shades under the eye.
Peach: Dark circles, pigmentation, scars, sunspots
If the dark circles are very dark and  you can see some purple shade than yellow is the better choice.
Yellow: Corrects purple tones, brightens, evens skine tone
This picture shows you where to apply the different corrector and concealer:

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Infaillible Cover Foundation

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What this product promise:
Get up to 24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish! L’Oreal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation blends instantly to cover dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation for a flawless complexion. The foundation is formulated with highload pigments for full coverage and is enriched with Alliagel. The formula glides on and feels fresh all day. It will create the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.

The packaging is really nice and I tested the product out and it is true what they promise. It is long lasting and gives a full coverage.The squeezy tube is hygienic. The black pattern is sleek and thanks to the clear window you have a clear idea of the colour inside.The product is really thick, but I did not had any concern about it, because I was sure that it would be mousse-y. At the beginning I thought that I would have some difficulties to blend it out, but this was not the case. As soon as the product spreads you can see the coverage and pigment. I felt releved that the foundation dries really quickly and it feels powdery and light, which I find a really big pluse. I can definitely recommend this foundation, because L'Oréal did once again a really great job.



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