Bovet 1822- decorative arts

On the 19.03.14 the journalist named Timm Delfs , who has worked for the Basler Zeitung , and a representative of Bovet held an informativ lecture,
Timm Delfs explained to us some important terms that are in of great importance in the watch making such as: automatic ( as automatic clock refers to a wristwatch, whose mainspring is wound by the arm movements of the watch wearer This is done by a rotor at arm movements - . following the laws of gravity - turns ) Email ( in the technique of enamelling a metal , for example, with a glassy , well adhering coating ( silicates, borosilicates ) coated to protect the surface or its ornamentation the enamel composition is applied to the cleaned metal surface applied pulpy consistency , and then brought to flow in the furnace at 800 to 900 degrees Celsius. The first layer is referred to as Grundfritte , it artistically processed surface enamel is then applied by dusting . Watches with enamel dial are today regarded as particularly valuable. ) ....
as well as the basic building blocks that lead to the final product. A clock , in other words : What are the most important factors in the watch making.
The representative of Bovet , however , had been going into more detail as regards the design of the Bovet clock . I am most fascinated by a particular design , namely the three dimensional flowers. The history of the formation of the company Bovet , which is to this day successfully run by Mr. Pascal Raffy .

At the end of the evening there was a cocktail .
A Bovet clock is more than a designer clock , it is a work of art and this differs Bovet to other known watch brands.
In the next post of Bovet I will write an article about the history of the successful company Bovet , as well as on the different watch collections of Bovet.



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