Schwarzkopf professional- New essential looks SS14

On the 16.03.2014 I went to the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in Zurich, because the new Essential Looks were presented. The Essential looks arise by the inspiration from International fashion shows, and hence these are converted into three unique trends. The trends are intended to awaken the creative potential of hairdressers.

To unfold the passion of the hairdresser for the hair, fashion and trends for that turns the Essential Looks. There is also a digital application that is available on the App Store. It is definitely recommended.

Backstage area


 Here are three different essential looks



Candy Dandy

Rounded ponies with striking pastel tones
The colors are soft, smoky gray, apricot and pastel blonde.
Inspired by the following fashion
Pastels for adults. It is a romantic yet modern look with feminine silhouettes. Dior gaves the direction with transparent pleated models, while DKNY layers several of fabric draped in the sorbet colors over each other.


White hot

Asymmetrical forms permeated with combinations of reds.
What is striking at the White hot haircuts is, the flat internal structure and the rest of the hair is sold by various asymmetrical shapes. Mainly the hair color is a combination of reds, which leads to a fusion of colors-the Colour_ Fusing effect.


Elegant shapes and soft, sheer fabrics dominate this trend.

As seen in the fashion shows of Chloe, Jil Sander and Roberto Cavalli. Shimmer fluid Foundations, noble applications and ankle-length embroidery conjure a trend that is suitable for both dry summer days as well as for long, hot nights.

Metall XX

The Metallic fashion trend is set in the MetallXX look and thus creates one daring trendy creations full of glamor. It is a very sophisticated look, as shorter, internal gradations merge with the longer outer line, associated with iridescent metallic colors.

Floral pattern is also in this year the hit and metallic colors also. The combination of metallic colors and floral pattern gives metallic-colored floral pattern. As seen in the fashion shows of Stella McCartney, Rochas, Dries Van Noten and Dolce and Gabbana.

Can not wait for summer to come, with these glamorous, elegant and extravagant trends.





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