The project between and allowed bloggers to discover the philosophy of the company of Max Chocolatier(Link) and a tasting at the incredible rooftop restaurant George bar and grill,(Link)  that looks sort of a penthouse. When you are surrounded by creative people, in this occasion bloggers, it is a joyful experience where positive work experience and opinions of specific topics where shared. The atmosphere was really good, because there is no hate or a feeling that we have to compete against each other, like most of the people think. Our exciting day started at Max Chocolatier, where we had the possibility to discover not only what the “Big idea” was to found Max Chocolatier, but we were the first people to see the latest tasty chocolate bunnies for easter.
About Max Chocolatier
There was once a boy named Max and his mouth was always left with chocolate traces. Of course his father noticed that and he had also a big passion for chocolate. On 27 September 2009, Max’s father fulfilled his long lasting dream to open a chocolatier was opened in Lucerne in Central Switzerland called like his son: Max chocolatier. The date is not accidental: September 27 is the birthday of Max's grandfather. It is a really powerful family story and message. It is the perfect place for every chocolate lover, because you can find premium natural ingredients customize wonderful chocolate jewels. It is just a magical, chocolate paradise. Enough talking about chocolate. Before heading to the fabulous place George bar and grill we had a really interesting lesson with Walter Schärer of( about the important steps to get the best pictures of food. We really learned a lot and it is always important to improve ourselves. I went for the first time at George bar and grill( and the place left me speechless, because it is more than just a penthouse since there is a lot to discover. The interior design is pretty retro, which reminds kind of the 60’s. There are some favorite pieces of the wardrobe of George, which he wanted to share with the guests to keep a personal attach.  Not to forget the portraits of style icons like Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot, a library, a stylish living room, retro bar, dining room and a beautiful terrace, which is perfect in the summer time. Before we could go to the dining room, we stayed at the living room and enjoyed the winter special cocktail George. Every blogger took a picture of it, because it is important to catch and share the best moments and everybody managed it perfectly. Afterwards we finally came to the dining room and I was literally starving. Since we all adore to take pictures and share it with you, it took a while before everyone could start eating. The light was not pretty good, but thank good some blogger had the LED light and we helped each other out.
This was our menu:
appetizer:Red beet carpaccio with goat cheese
between gea
r- Gin and Tonic Sorbet with Hendricks Cucumber topping
main course- Grill Turf and Turf homemade truffle fries, celery purée, creamed spinach with blue cheese, glazed carrots, sauce bearnaise, barbecue sauce, chimichurri desert Chocolate mousse with fruits

George bar and grill is the place for excellent food, beautiful view of Zurich city, good atmosphere, great hospitality and also very important to mention is the very friendly team. They really did an excellent job and made us feel like at home. They just use Swiss meat since they want to keep their standard high, which is really important.
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Red beet carpaccio with goat cheese

Homemade truffle fries, celery purée, creamed spinach with blue cheese, glazed carrots, sauce bearnaise, barbecue sauce, chimichurri

Chocolate mousse with fruits


  • I will definitely try this at once, I would like to taste this food once in a life time. this bar seems to be amazing. and i would love to visit this.
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