The couture label Ypnosia was founded in 2015 by Fulvia Staub Mastellone, an Italian living in Zurich and looking back on a long career in the financial sector and as an entrepreneur in the renewable energy business. It was after a summer-sabbatical in 2012 at the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence that Fulvia started to dream of her own fashion label. This plan became more concrete after a trip to Bali a year later. She and her husband, who has Indonesian roots, wanted to show their children part of their Asian heritage. The unique atmosphere of this island of the gods and the hypnotic patterns and colours of  local ikat fabric inspired her so much, that she decided to create her own collection - the Ypnosia collection.
What makes ikat special is the dying process. The weft is dyed by hand in a very complicated and lengthy process, in which it is tied and retied in prearranged patterns and dyed several times prior to weaving. Most of the resulting patterns have been influenced by dreams and spiritual connections with the gods, and they have been handed down over generations. Being hand-dyed and hand-woven real Ikat fabric shows the typical blurred patterns that attract the viewer’s eye hypnotically. This special effect gave the label its name: Ypnosia- an invitation to the mysterious dream world of Bali.
Fulvia created the Ypnosia collection in cooperation with a couture atelier from northern Italy, which is still working according to the traditional quality standards of the Italian Alta Sartoria. The cut is entirely done manually as well as a large part of the stitching and the finishing.
The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the careful selection of lining materials and the individually chosen silk applications, but also in the fabric-covered leather belt, which was prepared by an Italian bag maker or in the oversized mother of pearl button in the form of a frangipani flower, ubiquitous on Bali. The combination of century-old craftsmanship of Balinese ikat with the elegance and care for detail of Italian Alta Sartoria makes the Ypnosia label an eminent example of so-called slow fashion, the upcoming mega-trend in the industry.
Each dress oft he collection is unique and available only in one size. As the designer says: "Your YPNOSIA dress is a work of art, created for you and you only, to emphasize your distinctive femininity: you will love it forever"
The Ypnosia collection is designed for the self-confident woman of today who wants to underline her femininity and beauty with a very special and perfectly tailored dress.
The models from the summer collection 2016 are a tribute to Christian Dior's timeless classic "new look" of the 50's. With the right styling you can wear these dresses at any occasion – from leisure time to business, a cocktail party as well as at a very special occasion.
From this year's collection, I chose two favourite dresses. I can guarantee you that the high quality is noticeable and it is also comfortable to wear. These feminine and elegant dresses will never be out of fashion.
Picture credit: Anja Wurm

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