"You can create a very own atmosphere and even influence the mood. With the AERIN Fragrance Collection, I wanted to create a 'fragrance wardrobe' - a collection of perfume that reflects the personality of the mood and the occasion and reflects the personal style of the wearer. "- Aerin Lauder, founder and CEO Creative Director, AERIN

The fragrance journey continues: With the continuation of their AERIN Fragrance Collection, Estée Lauder granddaughter Aerin Lauder takes us on a journey to the shores of the Mediterranean.
The three new Eaux de Parfums reflect their emotions, their lifestyle and their longings: whether it is the quiet peaceful splashing of a fountain, or memories of the warm sun of the last summer holiday by the sea, every eau de parfum tells its own story. The complete collection of seven fragrances offers the possibility to choose the eau de parfum according to preference and mood and thereby underline the own personality.

The matching, luxurious luxury body creams complete the fragrance experience. The new fragrances - Iris Meadow, Waterlily Sun and Mediterranean Honeysuckle - dominated by the three luxurious irises, water lily and rear cherry have been personally created by Aerin Lauder and contain the most exclusive ingredients.
The AERIN Fragrance Collection also visually reflects the style and aesthetics of Aerin Lauder.
The prints on the packaging are largely adaptions of Aerin Lauders collection for the American home textile and decor manufacturer Lee Jofa. The focus is on modernly interpreted, floral patterns and batik prints. The feminine aesthetics also continue with the flacons. The stylish rectangular bottles are decorated with a noble stone in delicate pastel tones to match the respective fragrance. Subtle gold accents give you the AERIN Touch. The three new fragrances of the AERIN Fragrance Collection will be available exclusively at Globus in Switzerland from the end of February 2016 onwards.
Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml Fr.  132 .- *
Iris Meadow, Waterlily Sun, Mediterranean Honeysuckle
Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml Fr. 200 .- *
Iris Meadow, Waterlily Sun, Mediterranean Honeysuckle
Body Cream                150 ml Fr. 80 .- *
Iris Meadow, Waterlily Sun, Mediterranean Honeysuckle
Already available:
Eau de Parfum Spray  50 ml   Fr. 132 .- *
Amber Musk, Evening Rose, Ikat Jasmine, Lilac Path, Gardenia Rattan
Body Cream                 150 ml Fr. 80 .- *
Amber Musk, Evening Rose, Ikat Jasmine, Lilac Path
, Gardenia rattan *

"Iris Meadow stands for a dream world from wide fields, deep blue skies and lush meadows full of wild flowers." - Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director, AERIN
Iris Meadow is like a walk through a flowering meadow. The fragrance seduces with a tempting combination of fresh green notes, timeless floral chords and warm woods.

In the head note, sparkling tangerine combines with aromatic black currant. Iris and Egyptian jasmine give the fragrance an irresistible floral heart note. Cedarwood, sensual musk notes and patchouli round off the eau de parfum in the base.
The design of the packaging is inspired by the desert of California in spring when delicate wild flowers provide a touch of green. The time when Aerin Lauder often travels from Los Angeles to San Francisco, she puts a short stop for a wine tasting in Paso Robles, and smells the scent of delicate desert flowers ...

Waterlily Sun
"Inspired by the water lilies of the Garden of Giverny, Waterlily Sun reflects the tranquility of a peaceful green oasis warmed by the rays of the sun."
- Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director, AERIN

Descends into a peaceful, green oasis in which it smells seductively for jasmine and gardenia - an idyllic calm, in which bubbling, gently rippling water creates a slight spray mist and delicate water lilies covered with fine water drops.
Sicilian bergamot and sparkling green notes open the scent with a refreshing floweriness. A delicate water lily chord and gentle jasmines give the heart of the fragrance a seductive sensuality, while a touch of musk adds a subtle intensity and special warmth to the eau de parfum in the base note.
The packaging is reminiscent of the floral splendor of a green oasis like Claude Monet's garden in Giverny, which comes to life in this peaceful idyll.
Aerin Waterlily Sun Fragrance
Aerin Waterlily Body Cream

"Mediterranean Honeysuckle leads into the sun-drenched mediterranean region with its fragrant gardens, azure water and wide beaches."
 - Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director, AERIN

The fresh-flowery mix of typical notes of the Mediterranean region is as summery as a day at the sea.
In the elegant head note Italian bergamot, black currant, mandarin oil and grapefruit Mediterranean Honeysuckle lend a seductive twist. The heart note is determined by lush floral notes of lily of the valley, gardenia and backcrash, while tender jasmines, which combine with a touch of musk and ambroxan, harmoniously round off the eau de parfum in the base.
In designing the outer packaging, Aerin Lauder was inspired by the different shades of blue of the sea and sky.
Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Cream
Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Fragrance



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