STF: Futurecraft 2.0 - Digital meets Craft

The Textile and Fashion days 2017 is all about digital disruption. The transformation has already begun. Digitization is a driving force for innovation in the economy and society and turns entire industries on their heads. So we as a society have to adapt ourselves in the most efficient way.With innovativ,new technologies such as 3-D printing, virtual reality and other technical tools are combined with old crafts, nature and art, creating new hybrid combinations,which is just fascinating.These counterpoles in dealing with textiles, fashion and design are decisively shaped by the young talents of generation Y, because they are mostly dealing with it. On the 23rd until 24th of March 2017, the Swiss Textile school will show the present and the future of "Futurecraft 2.0: Digital meets Craft" at their  workshops, in a forum with high-caliber speakers, in a future room and other events. These two days will definitely be very exciting, since you can expect a fashion show, where the graduates of the STF show their collection parts, the Swiss labels LBD Little Black Dress and BALSECA WEBER present their summer collections and the first 3D fashion collection «entirely printed at home» by Danit Peleg can be admired. On Friday, the "keep in touch" of all former STF-lers will take place. On the 23rd of March you will learn how to start your own fashion label,you will have a workshop with Luisa Rossi, who is a famous stylist in Switzerland.She will show you how to style the latest trends in the right way.A big highlight on both days is the fashion show and on thursday you will discover the story about one of the most iconic Swiss brands, Bally - made it possible to become a global luxury brand. Another highlight on both days is the live band Rivals and the information about the school courses.This school is not only interesting for fashionistas, but also for people who would like to have a degree in textile business management. I decided to study textile business management, because I am aiming for a bachelor degree. The textile business management course with the bachelor degree is in collaboration with the university of West London.For me it was important to gain knowledge in Business management as well as having the opportunity to be in a network with strong corporations and participate in events like the mentioned event The great thing about this study is that you have the business part but you learn also the different fabrics and the process to the end product. If you are interested in fashion and you want to work in the fashion industry,than this is the right school for you. This event is the ideal place to get further information about the study courses. The number of participants is very limited.If you would like to participate you can register under this link

This is the program:


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