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Italy is such a beautiful place, but Milan is the Italian city that is very close to my heart. Not only because my mother is from there, even the culture,the art, the food and the design inspire me everytime when I am in Milan. You can imagine that I was very excited , when I received the news that I can head to Milan Design Week with Fiat for two days, to test the new Fiat 124 Spider out. The car model was inspired by the legendary design of Fiat in 1966.This is definitely a revival of a typical Italian car with a vintage touch, which reminds of «La bella vita » The Italians rely on Japanese technology to create the Fiat 124 Spider and the MX-5 from Mazda served as a basis. The original Spider debuted exactly 50 years ago at the Geneva International Motor Show. If you would like to have more informations about the performance of the Fiat Spider 124 you will find it by clicking this

Day 1 with Fiat in Milan

Daniel of the Fiat team drove me and Monika Buser, a Swiss blogger to Milan and it took about 4hours.As soon as we arrived in Milan me and Monika could experience at first hand the white Fiat 124 Spider.It is the perfect car to drive in the city or for a short weekend trip, because the space in the trunk is enough for a weekend bag or a small luggage.The interior design in this car is just breathtaking and the leather steering wheel and dashboard with contrast seams give a luxurious feeling. The seats are also made with genuine leather and are really comfortable. What a unique and novel driving experience in an incredible sports car. It is simple to handle and to manage, which is a big plus. An other positive point is that you can open the roof by just a grip and voilà you can enjoy the city even more. We drove of course with the open roof, because the weather was just amazing. The difficult part was to keep track of the road rules, since most people do not follow the rules. This is the perfect city car for men as well as for women.
Afterwards we took a break and had a wonderful brunch all together. The team was made up by Swiss Lifestyle bloggers like: Sindi of, Jorge S.B. Guerreiro of, Monika of and me. We were accompanied by the Fiat team and an Italian photographer called Alberto Cervetti.
Later we went on a discovery tour at Agape 12, where we could take a look at unique and luxurious bathroom and kitchen designs. Their client portfolio is very interesting as well as their projects. They create incredible interior design for private houses as well as for exclusive hotels. More details about Agape 12 will be published in another article.

Me, Sindi Arifi and Monika Buser

After some stops to take some great picture with the cars and driving around Milan we had an even more incredible destination, which was in Brera-Design District in Milan.

Me and Jorge S.B. Guerreiro

We attended a big event, because Alfa Romeo and Maserati joined Altagamma, which is a foundation that brings the best Italian luxury brands together.

The impressions of Fiat and the new things that I learned about the car brand just fascinated me and I was not the only one. During the driving experience and the stops that we did, all the attention was at the Fiat 124 Spider. The people in Milan were taking pictures and just stopped for the moment, because they were so impressed with this car.
Our night ended with a delicious dinner at the hotel Viu in Milan and the Chef Giancarlo Morelli did really spoiled us. Before heading to our hotel, we had the opportunity to take a look behind the scene that is the kitchen, where he prepares his signature dishes.

Day 2 with Fiat in Milan

The night was short and thank god I did not feel tired. We stayed at the hotel Napoleon for one night, which was very comfy.In the morning we received a big and healthy breakfast.

We were ready for the next discovery tour. With the stylish and vintage looking Fiat 124 Spider car we headed to la Fondazione Prada and drunk a typical Italian coffee, which is a must when you are in Milan.Unfortunately the two days past so fast and I wished that I could have stayed longer.

However,The Fiat 124 Spider convinces because of the elegant Italian interior design, the classic silhouette with perfect proportions and all the control buttons are within range, so that you can enjoy and concentrate on driving the sports car.
Discover Milan and the Fiat 124 Spider with more images:
Picture credit: Alberto Cervetti

At Agape 12


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