Finding the right eyeglasses is not easy, but not impossible. My poor eyesight began in the 5th grade, when I had to complete my bike test. The case was clear for me, that I urgently needed a pair of eyeglasses to be able to see from the distance. In my circle of acquaintances, everyone went to Fielmann to get the spectacles. That's why I went there and I choose Gucci eyeglasses. Unfortunately it had a hook. The spectacles suited me very well, but it was not comfortable to wear for a long time. The pressure points were clearly visible and the eyeglass mountings felt heavy. I saw only one possibility before I could wear lenses, because I could not stand it with my eyeglasses anymore. I had to get used to the lenses for a while, because it was a totally different situation for me. Partially, I missed the feeling of wearing eyeglasses because my eyes were never dried out, when I had to work on the computer. A pair of spectacles lend give the wearer that special something and it reveals their personality. Everyone wants to have something unique and to be different from the others. Years later, I had the opportunity to get to know the brand Silhouette more closely at a press event. The first thing I noticed  was the wearing comfort, as the eyeglasses felt very light, almost like a feather. As I was told at the press conference, it is due to the plastic material named SPX. The S stands for the brand Silhouette, the P for Polyamide and the X for the secret formula, which makes up the material. Besides, I was not only impressed by the lightness, but also by the unique design. I could hardly believe that I could feel so much pleasure for a pair of glasses. I missed the change from the lens to the glasses on a daily basis. I chose two spectacles from Silhouette, which should bring out my creative vein and my passion for fashion. But one thing remains certain, the Austrian Brand Silhouette is a timeless statement and allows the wearer's unique beauty and personality to shine. Switch your style individually. Today elegant or tomorrow relaxed? Make a statement with Silhouette eyeglasses with tinted lenses in different shapes and sizes. For more information visit:

Picture credit:Anja Wurm
eyeglasses model: TMA ICON

eyeglasses model: URBAN LITE FULLRIM

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