The exclusive and unique Fiat500 special series marked the 60th anniversary. That tour was continuing to visit Europe’s most fascinating places, before the actual birthday celebration on the 4th of July. This event is an homage for the Fiat 500 fans and collectors of all ages. The "500 Forever Young Tour" is a big project that was launched by the Fiat brand and it involved great cities in Italy and France. For this special occasion I travelled to Munich, which was the third European leg of the tour. I was pretty excited since it was my first time travelling to Munich and also because I did not know what to expect. When I arrived to Munich my first stop was at Wiener Platz, where the present was reveilled. Wiener Platz is one of the most recognized locations in the Bavarian city.
The characteristic of the Wiener Platz are certainly the famous Hofbräuhaus tavern and the permanent market, which is the smallest in the city.
The Fiat team installed a special stage set with an atmosphere of the swinging Sixties and some actors were involved and dressed up for the right era.The vintage shops, a flower boutique, an elegant cafe, a colourful grocery and historical 500’s made it even more real. A journey through time started for the journalist, bloggers and visitors. The products that were shown on the stage set represented made in Italy, just like the Fiat 500. The new special 500 series dedicated to the 60th anniversary was shown during the exciting occasion.TheFiat 500 is an icon that is always current and unique. The star model who stealed the show was the exclusive special series named "Dolcevita", which means the sweet life. Two colours were chosen for that car model such as Bianco Tristrato and Pastel Avorio. It is a limited edition and it grabbed the attention to a lot of visitors, who took a lot of pictures. The car pays homage to its predecessor and it is only available in the cabriolet version. What it includes is the vinyl dashboard, the chrome on the bonnet and the vintage logo on its nose, in the middle of its chromed moustache, and on the tailgate and steering wheel. What I really like about the model are the retro accents inside the car such as the tubular elements of the ivory leather upholstery with contrasting burgundy stitching, which match the central strip on the dashboard and the two-colour mats.
The Fiat 500 has not only globaly influenced fashion, society from 1957 to now it is seen as an icon throughout time.
The journalists and I took a lot of pictures and a few of them did video recordings. After seeing all the details oft he stage set we took a short break and ate some delicious Munich specialtis at the Hofbräukeller. It was an amazing place, where you could eat outside under the trees. After the delicious lunch we had the opportunity to do a sightseeing tour through Munich in a historical Fiat bus. Munich is a very beautiful and clean city. This was the last activity of the day and after that it was time for me to travel back to Zurich. I promised myself to visit Munich another time and to do a shopping tour.

Here are some impression of the #500ForeverYoungTour in Munich

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