The brand EOS(Number 1 in lip car) and the Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder have a lot in common like: Exceptional designs and very high standards when it comes in processing in materials and ingredients. This is a reason for a perfect collaboration, which they did. They launched a unique collection with two limited lip balms that blends beauty and fashion together: "We are very pleased about this exclusive design collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder. We want to create special moments in the everyday life of women and we show that high quality and style go hand in hand! With great attention to detail, we have created such a collector's item, to which we are very proud. "(Eos).

Eos is definitely my favorite lip car balm, that works even for very dry lips like mine. I adore the signature look of this limited edition with butterflies and buckles. With the two limited versions in the duo set, you can expect a unique as well as sophisticated packaging and an incredible flavour of organic passion fruit&eos visibly soft honey apple. The visibly soft honey apple, with its sweeping lines in the swirl design, reminds kind of the famous strap skirt.
Both versions are available in soft pastel tones and are definitely an eyecatcher.



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