Due to hours of work in the office, my body needs to relax and I decided that I need to work out more efficiently. Simona, who I met during a course, told me about the private yoga lesson that she gives and about Tune up fitness, which is her own business.
She explained to me what Tune up fitness actually means. This fitness format is based under the “Roll model” method, which makes your regular training more effective.
In the first part of the lesson you work with therapy balls to massage your muscles and the myofascial system. The muscles will be stretched, strengthen and loosened in the second part.
After that kind of explanation, I wanted to test that out.
During the exercises I learned that it is important to be present in the moment and to focus on breathing, posture and perception as well as conscious relaxation.
With the therapy balls I recognized that you find your trigger points easier and differentiate the tension.
It is definitely important to be informed about your body condition, so that you know if you have to increase or decrease the pressure of the therapy balls.
Usually during a training session, you try to build force on an already tense body, but in this case the result is pretty different, because with the massage, your muscles are more relaxed, and the circulation of the blood gets better and your usual training session can be performed more effectively. To see the improvement, it takes time, because the tight muscles have lost the elasticity, and this leads to circulatory problems and even pain. The mobility and the posture will be also improved.
This was total a new experience for me and I was really surprised that I felt more free and light after the first training session.
The location is very central so that you can have a short training session during lunch time.
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