Vicenzaoro spring 2014

On the 10.05.14 I went for the first time to Vicenza for the Vicenzaoro spring 2014 exhibition and it was a really interesting and exciting day. The trendvision area was one of the most interesting areas at Vicenzaoro, because many newcomer designer showed their collection, which were a mix of art and fashion. This area was the place to be for people, who want to have unique and breathtaking pieces, that are to die for.
The only collection that captured my eye was from the Estonian freelance artist and designer named Marit Ilison.
She explained to me that her designs start from a feeling or an idea which create haunting, memorable experiences. The inspiration for the collection: Longing for sleep came from the feeling that you have in the winter when you want to stuck op on the blanket.
Thus arose the collection of unique coats.
She doesn't label her collection by season, because she wants to create ready-to-wear pieces that are really comfortable. I tried the coats as you can see on the pictures and it felt really comfortable and secure. Marit Ilison gained design experience in London, Antwerp, Paris and Berlin. I really fell in love with the whole Longing for sleep collection. What about you?





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