Prolonge your sunkissed tan

Your back from a sensational holiday with a golden glow and you certainly want to keep it that way. By following our five step guide you will reach your goal of mantaining your 

Moisturise is one of the most important thing to do and the amount can never be too much. Make sure that your skin does not get  dry, because you risk that the peeling starts and it will never stop. To hydrate your skin in a perfect way you can use oil.  The Lifeofanit-girl team recommends you the RODIN body oil, because the body feels like silk.

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Step 2: Hot water is a NO GO
Long warm showers dehydrate your skin and this is why it is better to use cool water. Afterwards you can use a hydrating shower cream or oil.

Step 3: Exfoliate
To exfoliate dead skill cells is important, because it makes your skin looks more glowy than duller. Do so very carefully to avoid to scrub your tan. It would be even better if you exfoliate before you leave for your holiday.
You can use a dry body brush or an exfoliating shower sponge.

Step 4: Drink water
Staying hydrated is essential for good skin health, so that your skin is keeping a radiant golden glow. The same rules apply to a healthy food diet, especially foods which contain beta-carotene, like carrot, papaya, sweet potato and mango. 

Step 5: Enhance it
Gradual tan is better to apply on a sunkissed tan, so you avoid starkly orange elbows and knees. A Bronzing Body lotion will do the work for you, because it not only gives you a good tan but it also hydrates.







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