Kiton opens its first boutique in the heart of Zurich

Kiton officialy opened its first boutique on the second of September in Zurich and it is located on Bahnhofstrasse number 18 right in the heart of the city's luxury shopping district. More than 150 guests and media representative celebrated the store opening of the new Kiton flagship store in Zurich in the presence of CEO Antonio De Mattheis and other members of the founding family Paone.
In the store you can find the menswear and womenswear collections,the sportwear collections as well as accessories and shoes,which are handmade and they offer a very high standard of quality tailoring and exellence. This has always been the features of the Neapolitan brand worldwide.
The new Kiton store has two floors and the three store windows look out on the famous shopping and business street, which is breathtaking.
The concept of the store has a very high aesthetic design like the recently opened store in other parts of the world.(Moscow and San Francisco).
Neutral tones such as beige dominate the visual merchandising in the store.Pale marble and rough bronze underline the excellence of the tailoring of Kiton clothing,while the olive green chairs provide a welcoming atmosphere for customers who can experience a bespoke suit in a warm and friendly environment.

About Kiton design

The tailoring brand Kiton was founded in Arzano in the province of Naples in 1968 by Ciro Paone. The brand is known for the high quality and excellence of the clothings, according to the values and standards of the hallowed tradition of Neapolitan bespoke tailoring.
The second generation of the family runs the company and they have expanded worldwide, from Europe to America. They even entered successfully the Asian market, while maintaining the head office in Arzano.
20000 men's suit are handmade each year by over 350 Kiton tailors in the 1500 square meters of the premises in Arzano.
Every Kiton customer is aware and capable of recognising the exclusive style and the high quality fabrics of the suits and jackets, which have the unmistakable hallmarks of Italian tailoring.
The combination of tradition, avant garde and the high quality of each garment make the brand exclusive, unique and luxurious.
The best of the best plus 1”: this is the successful philosophy of the Kiton brand which now has about 780 employees, four manufacturing districts and 53 flagship stores worldwide.

Pictures of the KITON store

CEO of KITON: Antonio De Mattheis

Chef:Nino Di Costanzo and the CEO: Antonio De Mattheis

KITON food

Chef: Nino Di Costanzo

Napoletanean Cuisine

Napoletanean Mozzarella Station

Antonio De Matteis speech


Kiton store staff members

Family Paone

Family Paone, Nino di Costanzo

Dj Nelson

Antonio De Matteis speech

Me, Michael Fornera, Petra Zen-Ruffinen









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