Photographer: Anja Wurm

The category TALENTS should give a more detailed perspective about the life of different talented people,who decided to take an artistic career path and why they love their work. Most of the artist are known for what the achieved, but the struggle to reach the goal remains in the shadow. With this serial of talented artists, which will be published once a month, we want to talk about their career path, how they reached their goal and what they love about their job.

Anja Wurm is the first talented swiss artist that we have chosen, because her incredible pictures speak for themselves. Since completing her apprenticeship as a photographer she worked independently and still does. She lives mostly of advertising and the one or other editorial job. Together with strong stylists and make up artists, she gets the best result out for the perfect picture.
What she likes most about photography is that you can tell a story, or you can show a different perspective of the world. It conveys a message, which can be understood universally, as there is no writing necessary.
Her advice for emerging photographers in Switzerland is to get a lot of references or win awards. It is important to take a lot of pictures as possible and dare to ask people, if they want to join a project itself. If you do so, you can gain a lot of experience and make a lot of contacts as well. The opportunity to present your own work as a photographer in an exhibition is certainly a good strategy and to participate in many various events as possible, so you can see how other photographers work and it is also a good opportunity to socialize.
photographer: Anja Wurm, Website:
 Portrait Work
Young swimmer Maceo Milesi
Interior Architecture
Model: Belkis | Make Up: Pinkcolours
Fashion Serie
Location: Park Güell Barcelona | Make up: Valentina Flores, London
Model: Chloe, Move Models Barcelona
Extreme Beauty Shoot
Model: Lynn G., Biba Modelmanagement | Make up: Azraelle van de Fuxx
Design Diplom Collection from Fabienne Maurer
Location: Tonhalle Zurich | Model: Livia K., Fotogen Model Management | Make up: Thanh Thanh Nguyen

Advertising, Restaurant Vulkan Zurich
Advertising/Architektur,  Pilates Werkstatt Luzern
Beauty Work
Model: Caroline Metzger , H&M: Pinkcolours
Beauty Work
Model: Emma I., Option Model Agency | Make Up: Pinkcolours
Editorial, Magazin Männer
blue_maou_fashion: Advertising, Blue Maou Fashion GmbH
People Editorial, Gala Schweiz











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