The fashion label Genie in a Bag was founded in 2014  by Tanja Schenker and her mother Anita Schenker.The focus was to create a multifunctional women's handbags from the finest leather, which optimally combines quality and design. The idea and the inspiration for the collection arose when Tanja Schenker travelled to Asia with a backpack, which was neither visually appealing nor functionally convincing.
Back in Switzerland, she missed her backpack and the feeling of always having everything to hand - and with that need she felt to develope a convertible bag. The business line complements the collection of classic ladies' handbags.
The company works exclusively with renowned Italian and French tanneries that are environmentally conscious to produce. Responsibility, creativity and quality are part of the promise of Genie in a Bag.

To explain the versatility of the luxury bag the high-end label Genie in a Bag created  a 80- second clip.
The convertible luxury bag of Swiss newcomer label Genie in a Bag provides to the modern jetsetter of today every four classic bags: Backpack, bag,purse and clutch.
In a 80 second video the young brand shows in a playful way, how easy it is to zip the individual elements from the bag and separate it to a new accessory that can be assembled. The versatile color variations of handbag and clutch are elegantly staged.
If you look closely enough, they already caught a glimpse of the models for the autumn / winter collection 2016/17, with their checkered virgin wool bag, which is significantly differ from the pastel colored leather bags.

Elements of the convertible luxury bag in pink and orange

The clutch of convertible luxury bag in pink

Elements of convertible luxury bag in ivory, griotte and turquoise

The convertible luxury bag worn as a backpack in marine. Clutches in turquoise and marone strauss embossing

Clutches of convertible luxury bag in cognac, taupe and sangria

The convertible luxury bag worn as a backpack in cognac


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