Tserkov concept store is situated at Storchengasse 21, next to big brands stores such as Celine, Jil Sander and Valentino, in the heart of the beautiful city Zurich's shopping scene.
Already the exclusive interior invites you to want to discover the great assortment of international designer fashion in Tserkov Store. The concept, which relies in particular on luxury brands and young designers, shows an amazing sense of taste and a calmly-modern style, are at the forefront in the creativity and individuality. Customers find Tserkov alongside the big names in the industry such as Elie Saab, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Wang young designers fashion of Yang Li, Stelios Koudounaris and Solace London, as well as accessories of top current and trendy fashion brands such as Chiara Ferragni, Mizuki or Salar Milano.

Tserkov was founded by fashion director Andreas Menelaou, who worked for several well-known magazines like I.D., Arena Homme and GQ after graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Arts first. He later took important positions in brand management for international corporations GAP Inc. and LVMH. It followed a longer residency in Hong Kong, where he served as Sales & Commercial Director, the lifestyle platform Hypebeast supervised. Back in Europe, he became executive director to title Media & Marc Jacobs and was a consultant for the fashion brand Furla, Fay and Luisa Via Roma and the technology giant Samsung operates.

He decided to take another path to become an entrepreneur, which was the best choice of his life. Thanks to his big idea to open two concept stores in Zurich and Mykonos fashionista's world wide can buy unique pieces of high end brands in a very clean and personal environment.

Here is a quote of the fashion director Andreas Menelaou:

"Our aim when I started TSERKOV was to introduce new designers in untapped markets but also help brands that are not present in certain markets find their loyal customer. Zurich has been on my radar for a while as this city in particular is a challenging one for fashion and retail. Fashion norms here are very different to other capitals globally so it was more of a personal goal to establish a store in Zurich who I've been visiting for years due to family living here. I wanted to offer a new fashion concept to the zurich market. I see many women and especially young women that have a very particular sense of personal style and I thought introducing designers that are fresh off the boat will provide a point of view to these womens personal style that will only elevate that and help them evolve stylistically".

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