Pascal Meier ( is a photographer from Switzerland, who focuses on portrait photography, nature and weddings. He is an openminded photographer who likes to meet and be around people. To know what moves people interests him very much. This has prompted him to focus on photography. To take portrait pictures is not only about to have a person in front of the lens, but to empathize with them. Where is the person at the moment in life, what moves them and what are their visions? With this kind of questions in mind he creates more personal portraits. Natural lightning is his preference to create a natural mood in ordert to get stunning images.

He is working as a professional photographer since 2013, because it is his biggest passion. The work on different people shows itself also in his second profession as a Shiatsu therapist. I am certain that your asking yourself what is Shiatsu?
[Jap. Fingerprint], the art of touching 

By gentle pressure of the hands and fingers, elbows and knees, classical acupressure points and meridians - which supply our organs and tissue with energy – With this method the acupressure points are stimulated. Gentle strains and loosening joint mobilizations are also used. The energy is moving and changing. The energy that flows in all people in the meridians known by Chinese medicine can change in this way. Through Shiatsu the energy is once strengthened, at other times he tries to bring more peace in one body. Shiatsu is generally very relaxing and soothing.

The connection between his two passions, shiatsu and photography can be seen through his photography projects. 

For more informations you can visit his website:

His advise for ambitious photographers is to follow their passion in life. It is important to take pictures about what interests you the most, even if you no earning any money in the beginning of your career

And last but not least, take your time. Learn to know people, machines, animals, landscapes and objects, try to establish a connection and proximity to them. This will create emotional pictures.

Here are some pictures of the Swiss photographer: Pascal Meier

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