The winter season calls out to wear scarfs, hats, a good winter jacket and gloves. Snow and faltering public transportation mark the true start of the season and there is one accessory that is of importancy: The scarf. An oversized scarf would be even better, since it is a big trend. It is definitely a practical and cozy accessory, but that does not mean that it should not fit your outfit. No matter if you love glamour, pure elegant scarfs or if you want to make a statement, there is a scarf for every woman. The Lifeofanit-girl team chose two top scarves for each type of woman.

The business/classy woman
As a business or a classy woman a high quality as well as creating an effortless look is very important. The scarf should fit each outfit and compliment it without taking the spotlight of your total look. Here are two scarves that are never out of style :

Burberry - cashmere scarf
Etro – woven scarf with pasley pattern

The fashion forward woman
If you are a woman who is ahead of trends or like to wear always the last trends, than the Lifeofanit-girl team has got you covered.

Gucci – wool scarf with floral print

Balenciaga – logo scarf with shearling

The sustainable fashion woman
Sustainable fashion is not only about not to burden the environment, but also about fair conditions in the work place. If you care about this topics, than we have two scarves that we recommend and you do not have to have a bad conscious.

Glenwood - summer scarf - plum/natural

The Spotted Quoll - merino wool loose weave throw/wrap

The sporty woman
Sport is a big part of your life and you do not want to miss out to wear sporty clothes on a daily basis than we got two scarves that matches your style.

Alexander MC Queen – petals printed fringed scarf

Thom Browne – wool cable knit scarf with stripes

The more glam woman
You love everything that sparkles and you like to show off what you own. Every detail of your look is very important for you, since you want to represent yourself at your best. We chose two amazing scarves that will change your life.

Meteo by Yves Salomon - fox fur oversized scarf

Valentino Garavani - fur trimmed cashmere scarf


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