#Lifeofanit-girlsporthotspots: VELOCITY

About Velocity:

Velocity is the first Indoor Cycling studio in Zurich and it is a very innovativ new fitness concept with the latest technology, outstanding customer service, top instructors, and varied class concepts, all within an exceptional space.
The heart of Velocity is definitely the community, which is still growing and not just the powerful fitness experience. Fitness helps to create a healthy work life balance and it leads overall to a happier life. It promotes both physical and mental change, which helps to overcome the challenges to today's busy lifestyle. Finding time for ourselves, for our training goals, for our balance and our well-being, is essential.
If you feel the same way, the generic gym concept is inefficient, incomplete, inflexible and uninspiring. This method is perfectly developed to have a flexible schedule and a highly effective mind - body workout in 50 minutes with inspirational music as well as good instruction. With this kind of workout method you can have a mental escape and it pushes you to attain your goals with maximum fun.

The indoor cycling room is a dark setting compared to the other rooms, with a state of the art sound system, club atmosphere lighting, and Veloboard (Leader Board) technology for the more competitive class types.
Velocity has made Indoor Cycling into Zurich hottest workout.

Whether you’re an outdoor cyclist or new to Indoor Cycling, crave a mental escape from your day or love a good dance party, Velocity is the perfect place to visit. All classes are 50 minutes, burn hundreds of calories, and aim to strengthen and tone the entire body.To really see a great result it is recommended to go to class 3 times a week. Read more about the 4 different class types and then sign up to experience it yourself.

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