Previously fashion was only accessible to the public, at large, through television and magazines but now it’s clear that the world has never been more in sync with trends as it is now. This can all be attributed to the widespread use of social media and the internet. A glimpse at fashion pages on Instagram and blogs gives an interesting insight into the current state of the fashion world. I meant for this article to be focused on current trends. A little research into the latest trends and styles, led me to one important theme. With all the memorable fashion quotes we could all recite, only one can sum up the biggest trend that I spotted. Marc Jacobs once said, “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear”.

I remember a time when a handful of fashion gurus and influencers would identify a trend and the world would run to stores to try their best to keep up to date. However, it appears slowly but surely things are changing. I am in no way saying that the opinions of fashion influencers and gurus do not have any value or play a part in modern fashion, however, society is moving from not only looking to external influencers for fashion inspiration, but also searching for internal validation for which trends to leave and which to follow. Fashion is now a way for individuals to express themselves. Be it expressing their cultural heritage through wearing African print and growing natural hair, their desire for simplicity and neutral palettes, their love for colour and the combination of structured and unique and unusual pieces or even a desire for vintage and recreating old clothing through DIY. All fashion minorities and majorities are now represented, more publicly, one way or another and this is more obvious through the amount of social media followers that leaders and influencers of each category of self-expression continue to generate. This form of self-expression has never been more visible to the world than it is now. The level of visibility and accessibility to information means that a larger number of people are becoming influenced to discover what styles would best communicate their personalities.

People are now definitely feeling more encouraged to discover who they are and to extend their selves through their choice of clothing. This innate identity then becomes the foundation of the development of one’s style. So if you were to ask me what the latest trend is, I would say, “Just be yourself”. Whether it is a trend that will come and go, I do not know, but I sure hope that this movement stays and becomes the backbone of all things fashion.



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"Hi, I'm Chenai, a fashion blogger from Africa. I have been blogging since 2012 and recently re-branded from Fabulously Pink to Anicheberry. Through this blog, I share my growing love for affordable and versatile fashion. I have always enjoyed experimenting with fashion and my style is forever evolving. This is a diary of my personal style. I do hope you enjoy this fashion journey with me."

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