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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in" Jim Rohn
Philosophy of Hey Life
Hey Life is all about to enjoy and to live life to the fullest by having healthy nutrition habits. There are no limits in life that you can not overcome even by transforming your lifestyle into a healthy one.Hey Life is all about the power of the fresh green vegetables and fruit that is squeezed into a bottle, because of cold  double pressing. Thanks to the pressed cold juices you can start a plant-based high nutrient diet and you do not have to worry to plan enough time for preparing, chop and cook fresh food. Even when you are going out there is not a large selection of fresh balanced eating offer, but thanks to Hey Life that problem is solved. Healthy living has never been so simple, because with the juices of Hey Life you have a convenient bottle-sized portions that are great for your body and also a boost of energy.
What is great about the juices are the good  flavor combinations.

Ready for a change
If you are ready for a change and you would like to live a life of quality it is important to start exercising and to eat healthy. Irregular meals and too much sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are really bad for your health and it is definitely not the key for a great look. Juicing is really a great choice to give your body a break and to change your habits for the better. I drank the juices for 3 days and the result was pretty incredible. The 100% plant-based untreated ingredients are all from, which means that the quality is not good but very good.

On the market there is a wide range of juices, which makes it difficult to choose the right one.
Why choosing HeyLife?
-100% natural ingredients without any additives or concentrates
-Cold pressed:Hydraulic, double cold-pressing is an excellent way of maintaining nutritional value.
Never heated- Compared to other juices the ingridients are never heated or cooked. The vitamins are well preserved as well as the taste and it is not destroyed like during heat pasteurization.
-Superfoods: The juices are packed with lots of essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that are vital for your metabolism, health and well being. They use fruits, herbs, berries, roots, nuts and vegetables as well.
How does it work?
You have the possibility to order the juices at the online shop: HEYLIFE and they can deliver it at home or at the office. Some people do not like to get the full juice program at home so you can order individual juices menu. If you want to enjoy HEYLIFE juices at regular intervals, why not take out a subscription! You will receive a box of fresh pressed juices on the weekday of your choice and you can steart your health diet.
In the middle of January I have ordered the intense cleanse juice program, which I did for three days, so that I can give you some good advice on how to prepare yourself and on how you can avoid to eat any type of food during your cleanse day.

Crystal's experience with HeyLife juices:
I would recommend you to do the intense cleanse in your free time or vacation and not during your work day, so that you can focus more on your goal.During your intense cleanse you should drink herbal, grean and fruit tea, because it contains theine and it acts in your body the same as caffeine. It is therefore not advisable to drink coffee, because it can cause slight headache.
Remember to always drink a lot of water in order to be supplied with sufficient liquid. I woud recommend to renounce intenisve sport, because you do not have the same strength as usual. Instead you could go for a walk and breathe the fresh air or you can do yoga, some meditation or even vistit a SPA. Do something that makes you feel good so that you can enjoy your intense cleanse even more.
How to start your day
Drink after getting up a glass of water and afterwards you can drink your lime juice(#HITTHELIME).Your body is supplied with plenty of liquid and provided with an extra portion of vitamine C. If you obeying this proceeding your metabolism is in momentum and you will have a lot of energy, which you  need during the day to be as much productive as possible.
I wanted to do do an intense cleanse for 3 days and it was the best feeling ever. If you decide to do an intense cleanse for 3 days as well than your program will be like this:
1 day:
WAKE-UP: #HittheLime(SHOT)
09.00 o'clock:
12.00 o'clock: #SpanishLunch&ChlorophylShock(SHOT)
15.00 o'clock: #GreenElixir
18.00 o'clock: #Mastercleanse
20.00 o'clock: #ZüriBreeze
All-Day: The Classic(Almond Mylk)

WAKE-UP: #HittheLime(SHOT)
09.00 o'clock:
12.00 o'clock: #SpanishLunch&#GingeFire(Shot)
15.00 o'clock: #GreenElixir
18.00 o'clock: #Mastercleanse
20.00 o'clock: #TanningTime
All-Day: Golden Mylk(Almond Mylk)

WAKE-UP: #HittheLime(SHOT)
09.00 o'clock:
12.00 o'clock: #SpanishLunch&#ChlorophylShock(SHOT)
15.00 o'clock:Tanning Time
18.00 o'clock: #Mastercleanse
20.00 o'clock: #GreenElixir
All-Day: The Classic(Almond Mylk)

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