Just in time for spring Evian launches the new fruits and plantes in Switzerland, which differentiates from the previous mineral water through the ingenious combination of pure Evian mineral water with fruit and plant extracts.
The new Evian bottles are available in three natural recipes with the intense flavor of: Fine sweet grape with hints of roses, fresh, tangy lemon paired with tart sweet elderflower and raspberry bodied with a touch of verbena.
The vernal flavors are even more enjoyable in the spring with the unique combination of fruits and selected extracts.
As a result, Evian shows it creative side. There are no preservatives or artificial coloring agents or sweeteners, which make the three recipes a perfect companion and the enjoyable refreshing moments are just unforgettable.
The elegant design of the bottle is kept very simple, but the bottle shape is very innovative.
An ergonomic advantage is ensured by an optimum product quality and the bottle is 100% recyclable.
The evian bottles are available at the Jelmoli store in Zurich and in selected food trade.
About Evian
The pure natural taste of Evian is filtered over 15 years from the rock of the alps and it is low in sodium.
Natural still mineral water springs from the Cachat source in Évian-les-Bains.
Evian is a environment-oriented brand and they made up together with local partners and organizations to protect the source and the source catchment.
The brand Evian is always on track and the high quality differentiates Evian from other brands.
Modern consumer behavior was reflected through innovative collaborations with designers, in which they created a limited edition bottle or innovative formats The Fruits and Plantes embodies the innovative tradition and represents a modern style and joie de vivre .

Evian gives 2x2 tickets away for the Pop-up event in Zürich and offers each a packet with the new Fruits & Plantes beverages.
Who wants to win a pair of tickets, can participate with a comment under this article.
The winners will be announced via the Snapchat account of Crystal Renn: crystal_renn on 08.04.2016

The participation of the competition, will be accept until 08.04.2016 at 12.00 o'clock.
You can discover the Fruits and Plantes products at the Pop-up event "Fashion Hotel" and try it out.
Each winner must be reported within two business day via e-mail to: with its address data. If a winner does not respond within one day the profits will be raffled among all participants again.


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