This year St.Moritz Gourmet Festival took place from 30th January until the 3rd February 2017 under the motto: USA – “Discover THE Best from the WEST”. The 10 best  master chefs were chosen from the United States :Tal Ronnen, Daniel Humm, James Kent, Enrique Olvera, Dean Fearing, Kim Canteenwalla, Lee Wolen, Melissa Kelly and Rick Moonen as well as New York’s American diner icon Ron Silver.They travelled to St.Moritz and worked as guest chefs, spoiling the festival guests in the Upper Engadine for a whole week with their sensational signature dishes. The St.Moritz Gourmet Festival is every year a special highlight in St.Moritz, where you can experience great culinary events and go to very special locations.
The characteristics and influences of North American gourmet cuisine comes from the most varied cultures
The St.Moritz Gourmet festival presented once again a highly varied programme. The festival starts always with the Grand Julius Bär opening at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains(Transformation into a Las Vegas casino) and then followed by individual Gourmet Dîners and the Gourmet Safaris, the legendary Kitchen Party at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, as well as tastings, wine events and many special events at the partner hotels and locations.
All the guest master chefs accompanied by the local chefs de cuisine brought the festival week to a splendid close with the Great BMW Gourmet Finale at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, which was decorated in a typical American look.
These are the partner hotels: The partner hotels Badrutt’s Palace Hotel***** Superior, St. Moritz; Carlton Hotel***** Superior, St. Moritz; Grand Hotel Kronenhof***** Superior, Pontresina; Hotel Giardino Mountain***** Superior, Champfèr/St. Moritz; Nira Alpina**** Superior, Silvaplana-Surlej; Hotel Schweizerhof**** Superior, St. Moritz; Hotel Waldhaus*****, SilsMaria; Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains***** Superior, St. Moritz; Kulm Hotel St. Moritz***** Superior, St. Moritz, and Suvretta House***** Superior, St. Moritz, as well as the event locations Cava, Hotel Steffani****, St. Moritz, and Mathis Food Affairs, Corviglia/St. Moritz.
The Lifeofanit-girl team divided the St.Moritz Gourmet Festival in 10 Articles, so that you get to know the American chef’s better. Each article will be published always on Friday. Next Friday a special article will be published, in which the Carlton Hotel will be described and the Lifeofanit-girl team will share a special interview with James Kent. Here you find a foretaste with a short description about the career path and the signature dishes of James Kent.
Carlton Hotel***** Superior, St. Moritz Executive chef Gero Porstein welcomes the American guest chef James Kent in his kitchen.

James Kent is a native New Yorker and a talented chef. He is the executive chef at Daniel Humm’s Restaurant called The NoMad at the No Mad Hotel in New York City (US). These are the awards that he has won so far: 1 Michelin star, 3 New York Times stars, Nominee for Best Chef NYC (James Beard Foundation, 2016), Winner of the USA Bocuse d’Or (2010), Placed 10th at the Bocuse d’Or international Finale in Lyon (2011) 
His cookery skills have been noticed and awarded with a one star by Michelin, besides other distinctions. His success story continues with the NYC Best Chef 2016 award, which he was nominated by the James Beard Foundation. The best signature dishes at No Mad are: Roasted chicken stuffed with black truffles and foie gras’ and ‘fruits de mer. His philosophy is: «My goal is to source the best ingredients and treat them with integrity. So we take something usually considered commonplace, the simple roasted chicken, and elevate it to make it the most delicious bird you have ever tasted. For our fruits de mer, we take a modern approach to the dish traditionally seen at a brasserie. The dish is composed of a few different bites, an oyster with mignonette snow, bay scallop with yuzu, pistachio, and jalapeno peppers, king crab salad with apple, sea urchin with sturgeon caviar and lobster salad with tarragon. » His career path is very fascinating.  Before his success he worked in the kitchens of major chefs with placements in London and Paris. In 2010 he won the Bocuse d’Or USA and reached tenth place at the world championship in Lyon. He has been working for seven years in Daniel Humm’s team . Before taking over the No Mad kitchen, the smart New Yorker worked as a chef at the three-star restaurant Eleven Madison Park. This is what James Kent has to say regarding the restaurant Eleven Madison Park:»Walking into Eleven Madison Park as a young cook and having the opportunity with Daniel Humm to help create one of the best restaurants of our generation has been the benchmark of not only my professional career, but a formative experience for me as a human being».  This is was James Kent has to say about his experience with Daniel Humm:»An expert and insider once wrote: whoever has worked with Daniel Humm must be ready to reach his limits and beyond, just like the chef does himself. His spirit inspires maximum culinary efforts. ‘I love the creative process, it is something that really motivates me and challenges me on a daily basis. We have a collaboration-focused environment. Everyone has a voice, everyone can contribute and feel a real sense of investment and of ownership in our restaurant. We are the sum of all the moving parts here.» Just click the link down below for more information about The Nomad Hotel.

Grand Julius Bär opening

The Chefs

Las Vegas vibe

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