There is no smaller car with such an incredible history and yet so full of our memories. No other car transmits emotions like the Fiat 500. On July 4th it has been sixty years and still today it is younger than ever. Because it made another record. The new model, born in 2007, not only won the Golden Compass Award for design, but has conquered 2 million people. The Fiat 500 today is also exhibited in the permanent collection of MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York), which is a great accomplishment. There is also another great news, which is that the Italian state has devoted a stamp. Simplicity and beauty of the Fiat 500 are thus held up to the present.
To celebrate the 60th anniversary the owner Crystal Renn travelled to Turin with the Fiat team.
Before the actual celebration the international and national journalist could visit the Centro Storico Fiat museum, which has interesting archives about the Fiat group and basically the whole story of the Fiat group company is explained with important products. The Lifeofanit-girl team will give more details about the Centro Storico Fiat museum in another post.
After that visit the journalists were divided in different groups and each group had their own Fiat500 model to drive in the historic city of Turin. The task was to take some great pictures to share on Social Media and celebrate with everyone the 60th anniversary.
Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the history of this unique car is the memories and emotions that travel on board. There is no family in Italy who has not owned or possessed a Fiat 500. Every. Everyone associates the Fiat 500 in a different way. Some with a memorable holiday or even the first kiss or first love. Who remembers with his 500 his own childhood and the little car bigger than he was. And many remember it as a protective shell that can carry you anywhere.
On the evening of 4th of July the Fiat team and the journalists celebrated the 60th anniversary of Fiat 500, where it was born, with a big party on the roof of the Lingotto. On the roof there is an old circuit to test the cars, dominated by the suggestive bubble of Renzo Piano. There, in the Bubble, with dozens of guests from across Europe the candles on the small big car birthday cake were turned off. There, on the historic circuit, dozens of old and new arrivals have been made for toast with powered engines. In the great family of the 500, the two newcomers were standing. Two limited edition models, the Fiat 500 Anniversary, whose colors and details recall the cars of the 1960s. Two of the most beautiful models with special livery. Two colors, green rivera and orange Sicily. Then the dedicated interiors, the old Fiat logo, also on the 16-inch vintage wheels. In short, two jewels.
A commercial with Oscar winner Adrien Brody was shot to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500.




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