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Luxury Toys for the Men of today

Does the man who has everything no clue what to buy next? Money is available in abundance? No problem. The Lifeofanit-girl team informs the lovely men what the luxury spoiled billionaire can afford in this world. Nothing ordinary, only luxuries of the upper class, and something over it. A mortal can not afford a lock, but everyone can dream about it.
I present to you seven luxury items that  will leave nobody untoched.
Mainstream goods in the luxury segment, for example, a black yacht for twelve people, a mountain cottage to place anywhere, the largest TV in the world, but in the practical it may not be useful.

There are none pricing limits.

Luxury Toy # 1 EleMMent palazzo 
The fastest car in the world which is not at 100 kilometers per hour, but it offers the most luxurious: Lounge furniture, Couch Corner ,even an office. Everything is on board in a mobile home for 1.8 million euros! 
Luxury Toys No. 2 Herectic Motorcycle
For the thoroughbred motorcycle enthusiasts, the 205 kg light motorcycle, from 0 to 100 Km / h in 2.6 seconds, what a grenade! Price: 64,000 euros, a bargain!


Luxury Toy Nr. 3 Black Swan
For twelve luxury pampered people this 70 meter yacht is intended. The yacht "Black Swan" was designed by the Turkish-British designer Timur Bozca. He has created more than a boat. Thanks to four engines, the aerodynamic luxury watercraft reaches proud 28 knots. Price individually according to equipment.


Luxury Toy Nr. 4 Hummer H2
A luxury car for every terrain. The Hummer H2 with a chain drive, adjustable leather seats, electric windows, central locking, climate control, sound system, dual airbags and a standard on-board computer and much more ... .The consumption is 23 liters per 100 kilometers, which indeed does not matter. Price: About 54,000 euros.

Luxury Toy Nr. 5 Living Ecological Alpine Pod
The Italian designer couple Gandolfi Gentilcore Architetti created the "LEAP", a cute cottage which can be placed anywhere, for example, it can be placed with the load helicopter on a mountaintop, while you can enjoy the unique mountain panorama. The luxury lodge consists of four parts, foyer, living room, sleeping area, sanitary facilities. Mass: 3.5 meters wide, 8 meters long and 2.8 meters high. Price: Ca.200.000 Euro.


Luxury Toy Nr. 6 Outdoor TV
The TV lovers will be thrilled! A luxury flat screen TVs with a screen size of five meters with plasma technology, the only one in the world! This monster can TV screen thanks to seven parts automatically fold and be sunk into the terrace floor. A super investment for the home theater, where the party guests will be impressed. Price: 565.000 Euro.

Luxury toy No.7 Home Bowling
A private bowling alley in the own castle? Why not? So a bowling alley makes it all joy, and if you do not, then you just buy a few extras. There are while playing, champagne and luxury appetizers instead of beer and chips. Bowling balls engraved with initials, light installations and precious woods round the whole off. Price: Not available.


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