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It´s mid march and people are starting to worry again how to get back in shape for the upcoming summer season. With the rise of all the social media outlets like Instagram or dating app Tindr it´s quite clear that nowadays men have way more pressure to look a certain way. And in the end ask yourself why do you swipe right? Maybe there´s someone in real life who you had loved to go out on date with but simply didn´t find the profile pic that appealing?
It´s not only your intuition it´s what you´ve learned to find appealing through all the years: Big biceps, chizzled abs or simply the defined athletic look every guy more or less strives for? But just like many women who have issues with their appearance, men also struggle with their body image…Yes guys do worry about their physique as well!

Evolution of Men´s Beauty Standards: From Dad Bods to Plus-Size-Models

Men´s beauty standards are culturally diverse and thank god personal preferances do as well. Last year Buzzfeed had a viral video based on a widespread survey depicting some of men´s globally portrayed beauty standards . It showed that each culture had different beauty stereotypes and muscles and in general Machismo are still very common. But how about all the guys who´s abs are hidden behind more layers than others?
Just lately IMG one of the worlds biggest modelling agencies signed Zach Miko, the so-called by the media first male plus-size-model. There was quite some buzz about this guy and suddenly the extra junk or like my friends love to call it  „foodbaby“ became for some less of a big deal. Or just when Dadbod started to become viral, many woman actually expressed that it´s sexy for a guy to be a bit more casual looking and less aware of their own attractivity. So this discourse is quite complex since we as a society still associate physicality, weight to gender norms. I mean it´s quite clear that men tend to eat more than women and luckily build up quicker muscles but still not all men have the body of a greek god.

Why we need Body Positivity!

Do we all have to read and follow Men´s Health´s fitness tipps and keep on starting new diets or new workout plans every now and then? Of course healthy nutrition and regular sportive activities are a positive thing and can help to change into a healthier lifestyles but change and especially a new mind set starts way before with accepting what you have right now and what is simply genetics and not beeing depressed of NOT fulfilling a specific body type. So what we as a society need to learn is that there´s no such thing as a „normal“ body not for women nor for men.
I personally find it more important to accept your own skin and love to way you look like. Your aim should be to find your own „feel-good-state“, embrace it and start loving the way you are. This body positivity will help you to come to terms with yourself and at the end you will end up attracting more people! It may be quite simplistic to say that confidence is key to attraction but that´s where it all begins. You have to own each of your characteristics that make you unique. Find what works best for your body type and make it work in your favor! Because in the end life is too short to worry about every little flaw. So start to accept your own physique and own your game NOW!

Zach Miko (photo courtesy of IMG Models)

Picture credit: Gymjunkies

Picture credit: Beautiful magazine
This article was written by our guest blogger: METROPOLISCHT



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