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Obviously men come in all shapes and sizes. One social experiment even asked photoshop experts from 19 different countries to edit the same person to their cultural beauty standards 
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And when it comes to talk about style advice and what suits your body type best, it still comes as a stigma to ask another men for an honest opinion. Obviously it isn't easy to bring up this topic over a pint of beer!

What certainly matters is to know what flatters your body type most. And here comes the hard thing: There isn't a one-rule-fits-all-methodology, but luckily there are a few little tricks about geometry that apply to us all.

Here are the five different men's body types and what to consider during your next shopping trip:

The inverted Triangle like supermodel Francisco Lachowski

Clearly you have much wider shoulders than hips and most likely you also do some workout routines to maintain this toned figure.

What to wear? In this case it would help to not to over accentuate your physique with slimfitted shirts. Try to wear a shirt a bit wider in the middle area like untucked shorter shirts. For the sportier younger look opt for horizontal stripes, scarves, structure coats or well printed, colour popping t-shirts. Avoid double breasted jackets with emphasis on your wais. When it comes to pants, go for the straight cut jeans, avoid too skinny trousers.

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The Trapezoid like aussiehunk Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)
This is the shape most brands tailor for…LUCKY YOU! Which means if you have rather broader shoulders than hips but are not too bulky around the arms you'll have the least problems when it comes to finding fitting apparel. You save a lot of time in trying on clothes because your body shape is what is regarded (at least in the textile industry) as standard body shape. With a body like a sculpture you can be proud and show off your good genes and hard work of exercise.
What to wear? Nonetheless when it comes to clothing try to keep it as plain and simple as possible! Your toned figure draws already enough of attention. A plain white-t and a well fitted straight pair of jeans or slimmfitting trousers to enhance your muscles. This look gives you the extra sex-appeal without giving the impression of trying to hard.

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The Rectangular like Ashton Kutcher (Two and a Half Men)

In this case you have bulked up proportions with a straight torso aligning with your hips and chest which gives you the shape of a square.

What to wear? Go for a lose shirt and rather stretchier jeans, that won't fit too tight around the thighs. When it comes to jackets, go for longer coats which give you an extra stretch and you might look taller than you are. The trousers you choose should ideally be quite loose around the lower area of your legs as this will add some thickness to the lower body. When it comes to suits try on a traditional two-buttoned british suit, this will definitely work in your favour and give your body the illusion of a V-shape.

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The Oval like acadamy-award-winner Leo DiCaprio

If you have bulky arms and wider hips than shoulders and your body weight is more or less concentrated around your hips than you most likely categorize as an oval shaped man. This is not an euphemism for chubby - it just means that some clothes might be more difficult to fit.

What to wear? You need to avoid pattern shirts or vestons putting to much emphasis on the middle section of your body. Try instead a padded (oversize) blazer and vertical stripes which put an additional length to your upper body. Fort he dinner date try slimming fitted suits in darker colours like dark navy blue and gray.

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The Triangle like actor Jonah Hill (Hail Cesar)
The „triangular Men“ is usually heavier around the abdomen, waist and hips and the chest is narrower than the hips. The shoulders are additionally downwards sloping.

What to wear? In this case you should opt to highlight your upper body with looser shirts and many layerings. When it comes to trousers you should chose looser ones in darker shades of brown, gray and black. 

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This article was written by our guest blogger: METROPOLISCHT



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