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Kertsin Walser, Sarah Walser, Sabrina Presenti und Sibylle Grossenbacher.are the founder of INSTYLE BOX and the only one in Switzerland who offer such an exclusive service. They are sleepless, creative free spirits with creative ideas and visions.

Their service is to provide the latest and most high-quality products in the field of fashion, accessoires, beauty, living and lifestyle. I received recently the INSTYLE BOX of May and I was pretty excited to discover what I will find inside the Box. In my opinion they created a very good concept by suprising people, impress them and make them feel unique and special. The INSTYLE BOX is the right choice, if you would like to surprise someone.

You can order for only 89.00 CHF a month the INSTYLE BOX on: www.

The theme of the INSTYLE BOX of May is: COSMOPOLITAN. The value of the products or voucher in the INSTYLEBOX are more than 89.00 CHF.


1.) I received a voucher of 150.00 CHF from the beauty concierge and a special Vitamin Booster. It is a pure active concentrate hyaluronic with acid from Med Beauty Swiss, that provides moisture in the skin.


The resilience, elasticity and moisture retention in the skin is increased and improved. The Beauty Concierge is located in the heart of Zurich and offers more then 60 services all around beauty and the guests experience a professional and exclusive Concierge service from head to toe


You can book an appointment through:


2.) I received also a voucher of 20.00 CHF from They have an awesome platform, where you can find your favorite fragrance.


3.) The Swiss brand exurbe is the best choice for beautiful nails. The best thing of the brand is that they take the invorement into account.


You can buy there products on:


4.) A lot of women like to wear socks with high heels, because it is a fashion statement. The socks are made of a comfortable material and with great prints. The socks are from FRANCIS ET SON AMI.
You can buy there socks under:


5.) The third voucher of 19.00 CHF is from the magnificent place GEORGE GRILL.


Fully man of the world, George is established in a penthouse on the top floor of the building above the Zurich circle.


6.) My favorite present from the INSTYLE BOX is the L'OFFICIEL Swiss magazin.



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