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I hope you all had a good start into the New Year like me.This is the time of the year where we all reflect on how our year went so far and on setting new goals.Every year we experienced some good things and we learned our lesson when something went wrong. It is unbelievable that we are headed towards 2016 already. Life has taught me a lot of things so far like to never give up on your dreams, because every human has the incredible power to make the best of their abilities.Passion is the driving force behind success and of course it takes a lot of courage.If we believe in ourselves and our abilities, everything is possible to achieve.
In my opinion it is important to write your resolutions down to achieve any of your goals in life. If there are some points of your resolutions that you could not achieve then try to find out why and resolve it instead of wishing for it. My tradition for each year is to write my resolutions in my room and after that each one of my family member read their resolutions out loud. I do anything in my power to make them happen.
2015 was really incredible, because I found a webmaster that could create my Online Magazin like I imagined and me and my team are builiding step by step something truly incredible and that is thanks to you my dear followers who support our Online Magazin. Thank you for letting us being a part of your lives and for letting us inspire each other, beacause inspiration means the worl in the fashion industry.

Now I would like to write about my experience at the New Year's eve Gala dinner at THE DOLDER GRAND hotel.
In addition to the innovative and fresh cuisine in a really stylish atmosphere there was live music and some show acts.
Clifford Lilley guide the guests through the evening. He  is one of the most famous stylists in Switzerland and has a presence on television in TV shows as well as commercials. The AllStars Collective perfomed at the Gala dinner. They are a consisting band of some of the world's best musicians. The lead singer takes along with the most famous international artists such as George Michael and Tom Jones on songs and going on tour with them. She has such an incredible voice and the music was really great.
The dancer and contortionist Nina Burri performed as well at the Gala dinner and I did see her performing for the first time.
After the perfomance of the AllStar Collective the French man Pierre Manu took us into the world of amazement and magic.The close-up specialist is distinguished by its French charm and incredible dexterity. 
After we finished with the dinner we danced to the party music of DJ Alex and I had a late night snack, because I still was hungry.I really enjoyed the evening and I had the best new year's eve of my life. In my opinion the best part of this gala dinner was that we could enjoy excellent food, entertainment and we could party at the same place, which I find pretty comfortable.
I would like to know which are your resolutions 2016? We would appreciate if you could share this with us by leaving a comment below. 

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This picture was taken with the Iphone6 (Me,Clifford Lilley and my good friend Susan)

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This picture was taken with the Iphone6| Foie gras with kumquat, chocolate and brioche

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This picture was taken with the Iphone6|Champagne terrine with figs and Cassissorbet


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