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There are plenty of men who can not dance and that is a shame. But if anyone can do it, women's attention is guaranteed..yeah!

Women can conquer more quickly, by a man who can dance, even faster than he "Shall We Dance" can say.Many men simply can not dance, or they do not try, with the excuse they had two left feet. The fear of failure is really huge.So you prefer to stay at the bar and stare at the beer bottle. The woman still are not home, because they are too well amused.The men mainly miss this: They stand, instead of moving: feel a night when the body buzzes with euphoria, the head of exhaustion and suddenly everything is calm.The men think that dancing in groups is ridiculous (except Boybands) sovereign; it is when the man stands alone on the dance floor at a time. This step costs overcome. Women are impressed when a man has to overcome something. He can hold on to nothing in the moment. Not at the bar, not his buddies. Just the music.What matters is what happens next. If he raises mechanically up and down his arms? He rolls his shoulders, moves the head from side to side, do step combinations? Then he looks irresistible. At least one study by the University of Northumbria in England, according to. There should be found out whether courtship rituals of the animal world also work when men apply.They found out that men which combine the torso, shoulders and head in different sequence of movements, are perceived as good dancers, because they demonstrate creativity, versatility and flexibility.Rigid and stereotypical movements draw more from a bad dancer. As the head bangers.If you observe a man half a minute while dancing, you will learn more about him than in a long conversation: Whether he looks constantly if somebody watches? Does he call for applause? Or he forgets himself? Does he see the woman standing before him?Very difficult: men that make "Moves " while dancing and even call it that.The robot. The diver. The Running Men. A good dancer does not take himself too seriously. But he also does not act as if dancing would be ridiculous.If he succeeds, He covered the women's feet. Who wants to see how it goes, just have a look at the DVD shelf of a woman throwing: Pulp fiction (John Travolta). Foot loose (Kevin Bacon footwork). And of course Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze!)

Dirty Dancing
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Pulp Fiction(John Travolta)
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