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Ibiza, Spain 28 August 2017

Ibiza is not only an incredible and beautiful island, but also the home of electronic music of world’s top DJs. David Guetta-The international renowned dance music DJ and ambassador since 2015 of Tag Heuer, invited Tag Heuer to join him for a special event.

Tag Heuer invited some Swiss journalists and bloggers(Lifeofanit-girl included) for the press conference and in the evening to see the long-awaited David Guetta « BIG » Closing Party,which was held in the open air by the splendid pool at Ushuaïa. David Guetta is the resident DJ at that hotel. At the press conference he explained the links between the music industry and the world of watchmaking. “The music industry is like watchmaking. It is a fast-changing environment which is constantly reinventing itself. We are constantly challenging ourselves in terms of technology and innovation, we have to be constantly watching the microtrends to pick up on what will be happening tomorrow and convey emotions to our audience", said David Guetta.

Guetta is really successful in his industry and is a big icon for those in their early twenties. He sold over 10 million albums and 50 million singles across the world and has one of the biggest presences on social media with over 83 million fans in total.

Ibiza is not only a place where he stays all summer but also a source of inspiration for him, where he focuses on the trends and future of the island. David Guetta mentioned his new musical signature of the album that he is currently recording and various collaboration that are in the pipeline.

David gave his thoughts on the development of music streaming. The dematerialisation of music will have a major impact in our being able to symbolise – in a tangible way – the emotions which music evokes in us. Vinyl still has a fine future ahead of it.

Before David Guetta signed the exclusive live remix on vinyl he was joined by Martin Garrix.

To show the actual statement that he gave he presented to Tag Heuer an exclusive live remix that he recorded on vinyl. This vinyl record went on sale at TAG Heuer's #MondayMonday auction on the 4th of September and the proceeds were donated to David's chosen charity "Bridges for Music". It is a non-profit association which brings together key players in the music industry, and which supports sustainable development of music in developing countries.

The biggest highlight of this trip ended with the famous David Guetta Closing Party “BIG”, which was held in the open air by the splendid pool at Ushuaïa. Drinks and a big plate of sushi were served at the V.I.P Lounge.
On the next day we visited the amazing and well known island Formantera, where most V.I.P spend their vacation there. It is a small island and the perfect destination if you are looking for a quite place.

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