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About Rado
Rado is a leading design brand and was awarded over 35 times for prestigious product design.The brand has a long tradition of partnering up with design events, initiating it and promoting young talent through the Rado Star Prize. Since the beginning Rado has had a pioneering spirit and the brands philosophy remains the same: «If we can imagine it, we can make it» Rado is not only known for innovative design but also for using revolutionary materials to create durable watches.
2 Days in Vienna
The founder Crystal Renn had the pleasure to attend the Rado Star Prize Austria 2017 and experience the Vienna Design Week 2017 at first hand.It is Austrias biggest Design festival that is a good plattform for creative talent that are specialist in architecture, graphic, arts, furniture, social and experimental design.

On the first day the opening of the Vienna Design week began with the award ceremony of the Rado Star Prize Austria 2017. Flora Miranda, a fashion designer from Austria won the Rado Star Prize Award 2017 for her avant-garde dress that questions the permanence of time and materials. In appreciation of her achievement she was awarded with a Rado True Thinline in plasma high-tech ceramic by Rado CEO Matthias Breschan.
Austrian winner-Flora-Miranda and CEO of Rado Matthias Breschan
Limited edition timepieces
An exclusive series of limitied edition wristwatches was added to the Rado True collection. Rado collaborated with renowned designers (not from the watch industry) from around the world and they had the possibility to change the design of the dial. Each designer had their own individual vision and style to create a unique Rado True wristwatch. The team of Rado was in Vienna for the European launch of this exclusive collection.
On the second day the True designer’s series was revelled followed by a round table discussion with three of the designers who made the collection possible, the CEO Matthias Breschan and the director of the Vienna Design Week Lilli Hollein.

Rado design talk
“Design, innovation and technologies are at the centre of the iconic products created by our brand,” said Breschan. “We also express our dedication to design by running international Rado Star Prize competitions, which promote upcoming designers such as Flora Miranda here in Vienna. I am also pleased to be unveiling the True designers' collection here – six interpretations of the Rado True created in collaboration with six leading international designers.”
These creative limited edition timepieces were on display during the Vienna Design Week festival.
The Lifeofanit-girl team asked the CEO Matthias Breschan two questions :
Why did you decide to position yourself as CEO at Rado ?

“Two main reasons brought me to Rado. First, it differs significantly from other brands. You always recognize a Rado watch immediately. There are people who love Rado and others who will never like it. But this polarizing effect is a strength, because if you love a truly unique product, then you have no choice but to buy it from the brand you appreciate. And secondly, as many know, Rado has top-notch industrial and technical know-how. This is unique and allows the brand to go very far with design and innovation – two aspects that fascinate me.”

What does innovation mean to you?
"Sometimes the technical aspects of innovation can be difficult to understand. This is why it is important to express technical and innovative achievements through emotions. A Rado wristwatch in high-tech ceramic is not only innovative, it also has a lot to offer on an emotional and personal level: It is super lightweight, hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, and maintains its beauty from the first day throughout the coming decades. I hope that the True designers' collection presented here in Vienna will also speak to people in a personal way.”

Rado True Face
Oskar Zieta is an innovative Polish architect that co-created a limited edition timepiece that is housed in matt grey high-tech ceramic and it is scratch resistant. The case and the bracelet have a satinfinish neutral tone and they form a harmonious contrast with the centerpiece of the watch.

Polish architect Oskar Zieta

Rado True Shadow
This limited edition timepiece was co-created with the avant-garde Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga. When the wristwatch gets exposed to sunlight, the dial of the True Shadow changes color and becomes dark. When the sun goes down, the dial fades into gray and it becomes transparent.

Avant-garde Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga

Rado True Blaze
The interior designer Sam Amoia from the US is the co-creator and he brought some glittering results.This unique design is a celebration of glitz and glamour and the dial looks like it was completely covered in a layer of silver metallic silvers,so that it gives an appearance of a glittery explosion.

The interior designer Sam Amoia

Rado True Phospho
Rado has teamed up with a big force in the design world, which is the Swiss design studio Big Game. The black brass dial is perforated, so that the Swiss automatic movement below shines through. It is a modern design of a traditional skeleton watch. The hour and minute pointer are tipped with Super-LumiNova.

Founders of Swiss design studio BIG GAME

Rado True Cyclo
This wristwatch was co-created with French designer Phillipe Nigro. The matt black and the silver surface blend harmoniously and the silver-colored dial boasts of a satin finish.

French designer Phillipe Nigro

Rado true Stratum
Rado teamed up with the leading Austrian designer named Rainer Mutsch. The black dial is asymmetrical arranged descending steps that emphasize the three dimensionality of the concave surface.

Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch



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