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Escape the X-Mas chaos

The coffee power house Starbucks is known not only for the coffee,but for the entire experience that you get as a customer.
Starbucks views beverages and foods that they sell as a secondary product, because the main one is the experience, which they charge you for.
I am a loyal customer to Starbucks, because of the lovely atmosphere, various beverages and food option.
One of the main thing I appreciate is that I can sit there for hours working and nobody will come to ask me to get out.
This is what most people appreciate about Starbucks, because it is a great place to work or either study for an exam and to spend time with friends.
The primary aim of Starbucks is to become a third place in the daily lives of its guests - after home and office.They definitely achieved their goals.
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year not only for the decorations, but also for the atmosphere. The part about Christmas that people stress out is definitely gift shopping.
A lot of people have sleepless nights instead of silent and run from one shop to another to find the perfect present.
During that period it is wise to take a short break from the chaos that surrounds us.
Starbucks is a great place to escape from it and to relax by drinking a cup of coffee.
I did it recently and stayed at the Starbucks at Europaallee in Zurich, because it is more quite compared to the coffee shop at Zurich main station.
When I stayed there I didn’t felt the chaos that I normally feel when I am at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.
I wish everyone happy holidays and remember to take sometimes a break to relax during such a stressful period.

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