Breguet watch exhibition at Les Ambassadeurs

One of the most famous invention of all time is the Tourbillon. In search of precision, Breguet invented a system that allows to avoid the attraction of the earth to the time measurement and thus the Tourbillon was born. As already mentioned, most inventions come from Breguet, among other things, he made watches for blind people, improved the automatic of the pocket watch, invented the stopwatch and shock protection. The first women wristwatch in history was from Breguet. He had made it for the sister of Napoleon.

From 01 to 30 November 2014 some of the most beautiful and most exclusive watches of Breguet, were presented exclusively at Les Ambassadeurs in Zurich.


La musicale watch by breguet/ La musicale Uhr von Breguet

   Reine de Naples watch(with white natural mother of pearl dial)


A Breguet creation for Empress Josephine 

Secret de la Reine wristwatch. Hand sculpted cameo floral decoration

Reine de Naples Cammea (hand- crafted cameo carving tradition)

 Reine de Naples Cammea wristwatch

Classique Grande Complication wristwatch

Breguet classique wristwatch moon phases

Breguet classique wristwatch

Reine de Naples wristwatch

Reine de Naples wristwatch

writing instruments

Dumb(à toc) quarter repeating watch. Made for the Turkish market. Sold on 13 Fructidor year 12(31 August 1804) to Mr Esseid Ali Effendi for Beykan Sultan for the sum of 1872 francs.

Half quarter repeating watch. Napoleon Bonaparte owned this










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