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I took some time to draw a little inspiration for this next post on trends. Honestly, it is such a difficult task to select just one piece. Looking at my closet and also looking at a selection of social media sites, I noticed that black has made a comeback and it is very strong. A long time ago wearing black was regarded as goth and at times extremely dark. In my part of the world, black is still largely associated with very solemn days and is not a colour my parents’ generation would pick to wear from head-to-toe. Globally, the concept of the ‘little black dress’ was one we grabbed onto so fondly as many modern women discovered just how forgiving the colour is to one’s body. Not only does it cover all the extra pounds we all ashamedly add to ourselves during the glorious festive periods, but the colour was and still is largely complimentary to all types of women.

Whether it is summer or winter, women are owning this colour and embracing it. It is no longer limited to evening and formal outfits but black is making its mark during the day as well. Black was also a common and popular colour at the New York fashion week last year and almost a year on it continues to steal more hearts as more women catch on.

It is also extremely versatile. For those who follow my personal blog, you might have already realized just how much I love versatility. Versatility in my books means ‘value for money’. One can pair their black pieces with a selection of other colours and this is a great way of increasing the number of wears one gets from these pieces. For example, one could choose to pair their black culottes with a white t-shirt or a bright yellow blouse. This versatility is what draws me to loving black and I am sure this is one of the reasons why many women have increased their love for it too.

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Black has definitely evolved from being the colour of that pound covering dress, to the global colour for chicness! So don’t be afraid to join this sophisticated movement!

Picture credit: Who What Wear

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