About Ice watch
Ice watch is a Belgian brand founded in 2007 and is known for their unique design and innovative collections.It is sold in over 100 different countries worldwide and you can find the ice watches on more than 10000 points of sale.They offer several models and colours for every taste, style and situation.
In line with the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality, all timepieces produced are 10 ATM water resistant and the several models and colours are perfect for every situation as well as for every taste.
The bracelets comfortable watches are usually made of silicone but there are also some Ice watch watches that are made of polycarbonate.
Overall, the watch models come to an average of 55 grams of weight.
As mentioned before the Ice watches are not only practical but also comfortable, because you can adjust the current day with the small silver wheel on the side and some of the watches have even a stop watch, which is could be interesting for sporty people. The most brilliant disk called bezel around the dial is rotatable. If you need a second display just simply rotate this bezel and the recorded strokes counting of several seconds will be much easier.
The variety in color, design and features make the watches to a perfect must have piece for every it-girl and it-boy, because they follow the current fashion.
In general the brand has already a huge consumer following via social media and furthermore their popularity grow, because the brand has quickly developed a strong celebrity following including David GuettaKaty Perry and The Black Eyed Peas. They all have worn the brightly colored candy watch in their music videos. 
The Lifeofanit-girl team shares the same opinion about the Ice watch timepieces that it is not only an accessory ,but an expression of individuality. We can not wait to see the novelties at Baselworld.

Product lines:

Glitter collection

Ice city watch

Ice  flower colonial

Ice madame

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