After the successful launch of Eau Fraîche Parfumée in 2014  the line GINGEMBRE ROUGE is refined with an eau de parfum. The
New fragrance interpretation of GINGEMBRE ROUGE INTENSE is refreshing and glowing at the same time. This two components are just perfect for fall/winter 2016. It has been two years since Alberto Morillas and Amandine Clerc-Marie joined us on an energetic trip to Zanzibar forGINGEMBRE ROUGE . Now  the two master parfumeurs reinterpreted the fragrance from the versatile facets of the city of love. The tingling and sensual
character owes this new Eau de Parfum to a fascinating scent combination: The heart note is characterized by extravagant ginger and elegant iris-concrete. Distilled from precious wood notes and balsamic facets essences of cedar, patchouli and tolu. The aromatic effect of the Eau de Parfum is refreshingly sensuous and also to the excitively coquettish and it should remind us  at the same time of an elegant nonchalance of the Parisians.
The bottle offers a reinterpretation of the vertical above striving, straight and majestic. The sanded glass facets reflect and scatter sunlight and let the flacon seem really intensely glisten. The design of the timelessly modern glass container is based on the irritation of the paradoxes: Fire combines with freshness, strength with subtlety, authenticity with modernity. The flacon is adorned by a cheerful color play and of innumerable droplets of freshness, the graceful contours of the fiery ginger plant trace. Facets on the inside of the cylindrical cap create a subtle optical illusion. The designer Martin Szekely has created another incredible bottle , which is worthy of a true perfume.
Price: 50ml approx. CHF 58.60 * The GINGEMBRE ROUGE INTENSE will be available exclusively from 1 November 2016 in pharmacies and in selected department stores.


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